How You Can Surprise an Escort

Escorts are important people in society. They help most of us have that company that we do not get in our daily lives. This means that appreciating them is among the noblest things to do. One way to appreciate an escort is by surprising them during your meeting.

However, most of us lack ideas on how to surprise escorts. Below are some of the ways to surprise an escort the next time you book one;

1. Buy them a gift.
One of the ways to surprise an escort is by buying them a gift. Escorts are ladies too, and all ladies love being given gifts. So, the question is what gift will suit an escort? It is always good to make things a bit inky using the gift. Therefore, buy her something such as lingerie, some spray, body lotions, necklace, etc. Make them feel happy and appreciated by giving them a thoughtful gift.

2. Buy her flowers.
Do not be that boring client that only wants some blowjob or some anal sex. Be that client that treats the escort like a queen. Upon her arrival, welcome her with some flowers. If it was an outcall, give her the flowers and pull the chair for her. Let her feel the escort part of her fade away for a moment.

3. Ask them out for dinner.

Once the escort has arrived, it is always good to surprise her by asking her out for dinner. Every woman misses being taken out for dinner. Therefore, take the opportunity to ask her out. Take her to a researched restaurant and share a drink and a meal while knowing more about each other. Moreover, you can take this chance to let the escort show you more fun spots within the city.

4. Spend time together.
When booking an escort, you have to note the escort services that you expect from them. This is a clear sign that you want the escort to arrive when mentally prepared that she is coming to give you a blowjob, anal sex, etc. Why not surprise her? Do not attempt to get down with her. Just tell her that you wanted some company, which you still going to pay for as agreed. What you may not know is that escorts too are human beings that go through a lot and are in a position to advise and give insights on life.

Surprise her today and help her fight some psychological battles that come with being an escort!

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